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  • GMAAF aims to be the   bridge among all stakeholders to enable better healthcare delivery through advanced and affordable MedTech.
  • GMAAF shall contribute to, coordinate, collaborate and facilitate the development of great MedTech ecosystem through its advocacy and advisory approach.

Global MedTech Cooperation, Collaboration, and Democratization to the last mile, to ensure affordable health security of populations.

  • Keep building up and strengthening data centric and driven operation platform to identify and proactively act upon existing/evolving/widening gaps in MedTech ecosystem at various levels and facilitate the closure thereof.
  • Working towards equitable and affordable healthcare for national and global communities by associating with national and global healthcare civil society organizations.
  • Issuing periodic strategic advisories for MedTech ecosystem for better coordination and integration, resource and outcome optimization and sustainability.

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Founding Objectives

  • Responsibility to the National and Global Health Security
  • Accountability to MedTech Affordability through consistent SCM/Value Chain Improvisation/Cost Analytics.
  • Enabling Sustainable Innovation through Regulatory Synchronization
  • Educating and enabling MedTech industry towards Regulatory Compliance and Patient Safety
  • Policy Inclusiveness Analysis and Advocacy for better Policy Outcomes
  • Periodic Industry Advisory on MedTech Demand and Supply to help National and International MedTech stakeholders to stay tuned with dynamics and economics of industry and help in better resources mobilization and optimization.
  • Facilitating Collaboration, Co-creation and Integration of National and Global MedTech Shareholders towards augmenting the last mile of health delivery.
  • Annual Outcome Measurability (Impact created by forum) for Improvisation

Knowledge Blog by Members

Responsibility to Health

This recommendation is strongly rooted in behavioural economics revolutionary concept Nudge and our Honourable Prime Minister’s well received clarion call for successful implementation of Swachh Bharat Mission, and voluntarily relinquishing gas subsidy by crores of Indian households under #GiveItUp campaign. This shows that good Intent is always followed by good content. Responsibility to Health is […]

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Women Healthcare Leadership

Women in healthcare leadership roles are more relevant today than ever. As devastative pandemic has finally started making a staggered exit, resources mobilization and optimization, revenue generation and allocation, reconciliation of ambitious growth projections with pandemic induced conservative evaluation, and rationalised and harmonised business outlook are going to take centre stage in post pandemic reconstructive […]

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