Responsibility to Health

Responsibility to Health

This recommendation is strongly rooted in behavioural economics revolutionary concept Nudge and our Honourable Prime Minister’s well received clarion call for successful implementation of Swachh Bharat Mission, and voluntarily relinquishing gas subsidy by crores of Indian households under #GiveItUp campaign. This shows that good Intent is always followed by good content.

Responsibility to Health is crucial at this juncture and needs complete civic adherence as pandemic management has taken its heavy toll on scarce resources planned and reserved for all around development of our nation. Last two years have amply proved and established the fact that except complete civic obedience to preventive and pre-emptive measures, nothing can effectively contain pandemic flux and mutations. Responsibility to Health seems to be only Call and Wall against all health hazards and threats ever. An institutional nudge and mechanism shall immensely strengthen healthcare and whole economic ecosystem.

Right to Responsibility may also be proposed as an extension of 17 Sustainable Development Goals and named as SDG18.

With institutional and global endorsement, proposed SDG 18 shall nudge and incentivise native populations and all establishments towards greater global health responsibility in sync with the principle of leaving no one behind, and enhance the outcomes and outreach of native Institutional health programs implemented at ground level.

Author – Manish Rastogi

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