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Well… Certainly not Welfare budget but Wellfair budget indeed!

Well… Certainly not Welfare budget but Wellfair budget indeed!

As usual budget this time also could navigate with soaring and surfing expectations of industries amidst unpredictable series of pandemic waves which have devastated global economies to the rubbles, resulted in high levels of  poverty among global populations  and made future nations vulnerable in ongoing and impending fight against many externalities. Apart this climate change has also started taking its toll on human life world over, already reeling under worst ever survival  crisis.

As a Stakeholder of Healthcare industry, I am also disappointed at Healthcare industry being side-lined again! However, being responsible citizen, I think industry should to let it go as medicine is as important as money. With couple of good announcements like more PLI allocation and spread, futuristic Gati Shakti Projects, creating 4 logistics hubs, increased capital expenditure, revised fiscal deficit etc, are multiple growth drivers.

Last but not the least I thank Finance minister for acknowledging and accepting two recommendations of Telemedicine Excellence and NCD clinical consultation by Medgate today.

Author – Afzal Kamal

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