Women Healthcare Leadership

Women Healthcare Leadership

Women in healthcare leadership roles are more relevant today than ever. As devastative pandemic has finally started making a staggered exit, resources mobilization and optimization, revenue generation and allocation, reconciliation of ambitious growth projections with pandemic induced conservative evaluation, and rationalised and harmonised business outlook are going to take centre stage in post pandemic reconstructive process. Women excel over men on this count equally at home as well as at work place. Women healthcare leadership is strongly rooted in, and driven by budgeting and hedging.  Budgeting and Hedging are integral parts of financial decision-making encompassing both realistic and futuristic implications.

In current resource constraint scenario, women healthcare leadership assumes huge importance as sustainability is indomitable challenge whole healthcare ecosystem has been facing since onset of pandemic irrespective of size of its building blocks. Women have unique propensity to sustain and succeed. The healthcare sustainability is also integral part of economic sustainability of nation as recent biological holocaust has painfully demonstrated.

Our finance minister Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman leads the pack of women healthcare leadership through a very balanced union budget wherein she focussed sensibly on very much needed mental health via optimally resourced telemedicine solutions in traumatic aftermath of pandemic. 

Author – Afzal Kamal

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